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Auditing Your Home’s Security

  The idea of safety at home is fairly straightforward; taking measures to ensure that people who don’t live at your residence aren’t able to have easy access to your home. Reinforced door locks, properly secured windows and a security system are the typical ways in which one would keep their house safe, however as […]

Safety Tips For Living Alone

Having to be independent is something that is either thrust onto someone based on a certain set of circumstances or is a choice made from the start. In either case when you only have yourself to rely on it can make certain things more challenging and require more consideration and planning. Living alone means having […]

Creating a Safety Plan

When it comes to making your home/business more safe a security system usually is the first thing that comes to mind. Having alarms, video surveillance, motion sensors and instant alert notifications of something happening is a great way to help ensure that your loved ones are kept safe and that no one is trying to […]

Safety To Put Your Mind At Ease

Having peace of mind when it comes to the big decisions in life can sometimes be difficult, but when it’s achieved it’s that much easier to relax and focus your attention on other things. Ensuring the constant safety of your family is high on the priority list (if not the top item), so securing your […]

Maintaining Home Safety while Traveling

Most people have seen the movie ‘Home Alone’ (and if you haven’t, you should definitely check it out!) about a young boy who is accidentally forgotten at home by his parents and left to fend for himself over the holidays. What made this film so remarkable was not the fact that he was left home […]

Pet Immune Motion Detectors

Families come in all different shapes and sizes; some people fill their homes with children, others with children of a more furry variety. Regardless of the type of family within your home, the thing that outweighs all else is safety. However, when it comes to the pets in your home, certain measures have to be […]

Home Security Tips

What is the main reason why people choose to outfit their home with a security system? To protect what is most important to them: loved ones and sentimental possessions. Besides your Ottawa home security professional, who would know more about securing your home? The same people you are trying to keep out. Here are some […]