Creating a Safety Plan

When it comes to making your home/business more safe a security system usually is the first thing that comes to mind. Having alarms, video surveillance, motion sensors and instant alert notifications of something happening is a great way to help ensure that your loved ones are kept safe and that no one is trying to burglarize/damage your property in any way. However, relying on this alone is never recommended; it’s important to create a safety plan that everyone is aware of.

They say if you fail to plan then you are planning to fail, which when it comes to protecting your home/business should never be an option. Here are some great considerations when it comes to developing a safety plan for a group, with an emphasis on family and the household:

Place keys and garage-door remotes in a smart spot
Don’t leave car and house keys and remotes near the door or otherwise visible inside your house. Secure them inside a cabinet or a drawer to keep them hidden.

Remove the ‘hidden’ house key
The key under the mat, inside the mailbox, beneath a rock—everybody hides a house key. Problem is, burglars know your hiding places. Instead, give it to a trusted neighbour.

Hold a household meeting
Make home security a habit, with every member of the household—including kids—agreeing to a routine that should include such simple rules as:

  • Use door and window locks. It costs nothing and takes little energy. Make it a habit to lock every door and window when leaving, after entering, and before bedtime.
  • Do not open the door to uninvited or unwelcome visitors.
  • Close and lock the garage door.
  • Secure your home even if you’re doing work around the house and yard.
  • Use your alarm system all the time, even when you take a quick trip to the store or visit next-door neighbours.’

When everyone is on the same page about the security plan and methods being used to keep everyone safe, the safer everyone truly will be. To learn more about safety and developing your own safety plan contact us.