Monitoring Services

Fire-detection monitoring for commercial buildings

Security Connection can provide industry-leading ULC-certified monitoring of fire alarms using a variety of communication technologies, including IP (Internet protocol) and GSM (cellular network), as well as traditional telephone landline.

It’s the law

In Ontario, a fire-monitoring system is required if your facility matches any the following criteria:

  • it is five or more stories high;
  • it is licensed by the Liquor Control Board of Ontario;
  • it contains combustibles;
  • it has a capacity of more than 300 people;
  • it has a sprinkler system; or
  • it operates as a day care, school, hospital, nursing home or other similar establishment.

In addition, monitoring may also be requested by a governing authority.

Peace of mind for your tenants and guests

Security Connection also provides round-the-clock monitoring of emergency telephones in elevators and pool areas. Whenever someone uses an emergency phone, he or she is automatically connected to our ULC-listed monitoring station. The monitoring station attendant can then immediately contact both the appropriate authorities and the property managers, while also reassuring the caller that help is on the way.


Security Connection’s experienced technicians are fully trained in the installation of DSC PowerSeries Neo. This industry-leading scalable and user-friendly system offers modular solutions, including both fire and/or burglary monitoring. It offers a variety of access control options, including remote control and online, plus mobile access via smart phone.

Local. Trusted. Experienced.

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