Home Automation

The 2GIG control panel: The future of home control starts here

Security Connection is a proud supplier of 2GIG, a top supplier of home security and automation control panels. Featuring colour touch screens and a wide array of customization options, the 2GIG uses the cellular communications network, eliminating the need for a telephone landline.

No need to replace your current equipment

Fully adaptable to any system, the 2GIG can easily connect to your existing wired and wireless security devices.


Available features

Feature-rich and easy to use, the 2GIG offers

  • security system control
  • door access monitoring
  • control of “z-wave” technology equipped appliances
  • air conditioning and heating control
  • energy consumption tracking
  • optional two-way voice
  • smart phone integration
  • new features constantly being added

Get connected, get protected, with Security Connection
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