Auditing Your Home’s Security


The idea of safety at home is fairly straightforward; taking measures to ensure that people who don’t live at your residence aren’t able to have easy access to your home. Reinforced door locks, properly secured windows and a security system are the typical ways in which one would keep their house safe, however as time progresses and potential safety threats change so do the needs and criteria of homeowners.

Conducting a home safety audit is crucial and here are some important considerations to make when doing one:

Inspect the Exterior
Walk outside and thoroughly examine the exterior of your home, including entrances, windows, and the surrounding physical area. Prune shrubs and trees leading up to the house, and those around windows and doors, closely enough to make it impossible for someone to conceal themselves. House numbers need to be clearly displayed and easily visible from the road to assist emergency responders in locating the home in case of an emergency.

Most people store their most valuable items in their bedrooms, which makes it an ideal location for a safe. When choosing a safe look for one that would be difficult to move, ideally more than 100lbs. It is easy to take smaller safes and open them in a more leisurely setting. If the safe has to be opened before the criminals are able to leave, it is possible they won’t bother and will instead move on to more easily accessible items. Take the time to secure all items of value, including jewelry, heirlooms, and firearms. This may require more than one safe, but the investment is worth it as a deterrent and as a safety measure.

Don’t Forget the Garage
The garage is an often overlooked exterior entrance, especially if people use the space for storage instead of for parking. It’s important that you reinforce the garage door itself to make access to the area more difficult. Garage door armor is a lot like adding a deadbolt to the biggest entrance to your home. However, the secondary point of entry is the door between the house and the garage. It should be as sturdy as the other exterior doors, and also fitted with a deadbolt. (Lucinda Watrous,

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