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Safety Considerations in Home Design

Thinking of designing your own home? Firstly, congratulations! With this development process comes a unique opportunity to not only design the home of your dreams, but also the ability to make it as safe as possible. Here are some design elements to consider when creating your dream home in order to best prevent the nightmare […]

Making Your Home Less Appealing to Intruders

Keeping your home and family safe is at the top of most people’s priority list and being able to establish and maintain peace of mind is important. There are many different home security offerings to choose from to meet your specific needs and making a sound decision takes serious consideration. There are however things which […]

Auditing Your Home’s Security

  The idea of safety at home is fairly straightforward; taking measures to ensure that people who don’t live at your residence aren’t able to have easy access to your home. Reinforced door locks, properly secured windows and a security system are the typical ways in which one would keep their house safe, however as […]

Staying Safe and Warm at Home

Spring may technically be a few days away but it looks like Mother Nature and Jack Frost have something different to say. The vast snowfall may have left some people stuck at home, which isn’t a bad thing. Here are some tips to make sure that your home winter getaway experience is as safe and […]

Creating A More Secure 2017

The new year is almost here, which means a few things: a fresh start to everything and innovative new ways to solve old problems. It also means refining the things that already work to make them more efficient. In terms of home security and automation an expert in the field predicts exactly what that entails: ” For […]

Maintaining Home Safety while Traveling

Most people have seen the movie ‘Home Alone’ (and if you haven’t, you should definitely check it out!) about a young boy who is accidentally forgotten at home by his parents and left to fend for himself over the holidays. What made this film so remarkable was not the fact that he was left home […]

Fire Safety & Smoke Detectors Monitoring

When is the last time you checked the batteries in your smoke detector? Better yet, when was the last time you checked the overall effectiveness for your smoke alarms and carbon monoxide detectors? Do you have an escape plan for your family in the event that the worst happens? The reality is that most people […]