Creating A More Secure 2017

The new year is almost here, which means a few things: a fresh start to everything and innovative new ways to solve old problems. It also means refining the things that already work to make them more efficient.

In terms of home security and automation an expert in the field predicts exactly what that entails: ”

For consumers, ease of use and security (of the system) remains one of the top driving factors for the adoption of smart home technology. We predict that ease of use will continue to be a key motivator for home automation, and we will see increased efforts around encryption and authentication of physical security and home automation systems in the market in 2017.

Given the adoption rate of in-home security cameras, we expect video and audio analytics will become a trend with profound impact on the market in 2017 and beyond. Smart home sensors will be able to monitor for more data variables and detect nuanced changes in the environment, and increased analytical power will be the first step towards enabling systems to make limited conclusions to offer suggestions back to the user to create new rules or policies.

We expect more hype around voice-controlled devices, such as those offered by Amazon and Google, as well as others. These devices as well as the underlying Natural Language Processing (ability to understand context and synonymous terms) will make it easier to operate security and home automation systems.”

Only time will tell exactly what happens in 2017 and beyond, but it’s safe to say that improved home safety techniques and devices will always be on the list. For the best in home/business security make sure to contact Security Connection, your Ottawa home security experts.