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Keeping Your Rental Space Secure

Purchasing a home to live in with your family is a major life step and requires a lot of consideration beforehand. When purchasing a space for investment purposes (to rent out) some thoughtful consideration should once again be made, but from a different perspective. Not only do you want to protect your investment, as a […]

The History of Home Security Systems

Everything has an origin story; it’s incredible to see how intricate and developed certain things are, but it’s even more interesting to see how it came to be in the first place. When it comes to the home security system as we know it to be today, things were much different at its inception. “When […]

Creating a Safety Plan

When it comes to making your home/business more safe a security system usually is the first thing that comes to mind. Having alarms, video surveillance, motion sensors and instant alert notifications of something happening is a great way to help ensure that your loved ones are kept safe and that no one is trying to […]

Creating A More Secure 2017

The new year is almost here, which means a few things: a fresh start to everything and innovative new ways to solve old problems. It also means refining the things that already work to make them more efficient. In terms of home security and automation an expert in the field predicts exactly what that entails: ” For […]

Home Automation Benefits

Technology continues to help make our lives run smoother and more efficiently everyday. The fact that most people have smartphones (which offer up the ability to control many aspects of your life at the simple click or swipe of a finger) means that we are living a much more connected life than we were 10 […]