Keeping Your Rental Space Secure

Purchasing a home to live in with your family is a major life step and requires a lot of consideration beforehand. When purchasing a space for investment purposes (to rent out) some thoughtful consideration should once again be made, but from a different perspective. Not only do you want to protect your investment, as a landlord there are certain safety and efficiency obligations you’ll have as well.

The following are some great tips to consider in order to help keep your rental space as secure as possible:

Secure Main Entrances
Most entrance doors have deadbolts installed on them. Although you can use either a single- or double-cylinder deadbolt, it’s a good idea to install a double-cylinder deadbolt as it is more secure. If you have a main entrance near a window, a double-cylinder deadbolt can prevent a thief from reaching through the window and opening the door. You can also improve the safety of your entrances by installing metal or solid wood doors. As much as possible, stay away from hollow wood doors or doors with windows, as these are very easy to break. A solid door is ideal for those who want to fully protect their property.

Check the Window Security
Most windows are fitted with a locking mechanism that prevents them from being opened from the outside. However, in most cases, a burglar can easily break the window and unlock it or climb through. You can combat this risk by installing locks on your windows because if burglars see these, they will probably second guess whether or not to break in.

Install a Security System
A security system may seem like a big investment, but it will help to fully secure your property. There are a variety of security system options, so you’ll find one that fits within your budget and needs. As you shop for a security system, make sure you find one that includes everything you need—like door and window sensors, smoke alarms, and motion-detecting lights.” (Stephen Fox,

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