Safety Considerations in Home Design

Thinking of designing your own home? Firstly, congratulations! With this development process comes a unique opportunity to not only design the home of your dreams, but also the ability to make it as safe as possible.

Here are some design elements to consider when creating your dream home in order to best prevent the nightmare of an intruder:

  • Natural surveillance — you should make surveillance a regular part and routine of everyone in your home. This is achieved by positioning strategically for clear sightlines so that play areas, streets, and footpaths can be watched.
  •  Target hardening — improve your home security standards by securing windows and doors. Installing high-quality locks, door frames, hinges and exterior doors will go a long way to ensuring improved security. Outside lighting and alarm systems are also ways of having added security in the home.
  • Access control — Make use of perceived or real barriers to deter intruders. Perceived barriers include flower gardens or a level change between the public space and your front yard. Real barriers can be a picket fence, hedge or brick wall. (Jason Vander Griendt,

At Security Connection your Ottawa home security expert, we can help you whether you are  in the process of designing your home or already have an established home which you want to make safer for your family. Contact us today to learn more about our various safety products and services.