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Keeping Valuables Safe During An Open House

Spring represents a time of rebirth and revitalization..it is also when many people decide to relocate their families by moving, which means they first have to sell their current property and holding an open house is a great way to do that. However, there are certain safety concerns to consider before having the first one. […]

Safety Tips For Living Alone

Having to be independent is something that is either thrust onto someone based on a certain set of circumstances or is a choice made from the start. In either case when you only have yourself to rely on it can make certain things more challenging and require more consideration and planning. Living alone means having […]

Home Security Tips

What is the main reason why people choose to outfit their home with a security system? To protect what is most important to them: loved ones and sentimental possessions. Besides your Ottawa home security professional, who would know more about securing your home? The same people you are trying to keep out. Here are some […]