Home Security Tips


What is the main reason why people choose to outfit their home with a security system? To protect what is most important to them: loved ones and sentimental possessions. Besides your Ottawa home security professional, who would know more about securing your home? The same people you are trying to keep out.

Here are some important security tips from an unlikely but very important source: thieves. What better people to get advice from in order to more effectively keep them out of your home.

Lock It Down
Even though locking your house up tight seems like a no-brainer, there are many ways your home can remain vulnerable even if you think you’ve done all you can. A locked door is useless if you leave a spare key in an easily accessible location like under a flower pot or door mat. It’s much safer to leave a spare key with a friend or neighbor. And don’t forget about the windows. Leaving a window open even a crack can be an open invitation to a burglar. For added security make sure all windows are locked and add a wooden or metal dowel to the track to prohibit a bad guy from pushing their way in.

Clear the Way
While it may look lovely to have a hedge of bushes lining the front or side of your house, those decorative shrubs can be akin to leaving out a welcome mat for a thief. Robbers love to hide out in bushes under windows and near doors. Not only does it give them a place to remain concealed, but bushes also give ne’er-do-wells the perfect vantage point to observe your comings and goings and get a peek at all the goodies you have inside that they want to take. Make sure that any landscaping is well-maintained and designed to avoid becoming either a blind spot or hidey-hole. You don’t want your ability to see what’s happening outside your house obstructed by overgrown hedges and trees.

Think Outside the Sock Drawer
Believe it or not, burglars know that you really do hide your valuables in the sock drawer, freezer or empty cereal box, It’s surprising that even though such hiding places seem like overblown clichés, they are very common and some of the first places a burglar will look. Consider getting a safe or, better yet, move items you don’t need regular access to into a safety deposit box. The small annual fee to maintain a safety deposit box is well worth the peace of mind you’ll enjoy knowing Grandma’s pearls are safe and sound.”

By better understanding how the mind of a thief works you can more effectively prevent them from infiltrating your home and protect your family in the most effective way. For the best in home and business security contact Security Connection, your Ottawa security professional.