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Surveillance in the Workplace

The phrase ‘big brother is watching’ seemed like something just relegated to the movies and science fiction lore, however in 2016 moving into 2017 it’s evident that life is definitely imitating art. Technology has been able to help connect people and provide enhanced communication; it also serves as a great way for businesses to improve […]

Mobile Video Verification

As technology continues to expand to different parts of the world and have greater uses for people and industries, it is also able to make things that are a part of our everyday process that much easier. Most people would be lost without their smartphones; having the power of a full computer within the palm […]

Protecting your Commercial Property

Anything worth having, is worth protecting. Ensuring that your home, the place where your family lives and is able to be comfortable, is properly protected at all times should always take priority; there’s nothing more important than family, and having peace of mind with regards to their safety. If you own a business with a […]

Benefits of Wearable Security Tech

The peace of mind that a good security system offers is worth its weight in gold; being able to effectively and consistently protect your loved ones and personal possessions that are within your home is important, but being able to protect those close to you at all times wherever they happen to be is even […]

Safety Proofing Your Home For Cooler Months

The sun may still be shining brightly, but don’t let that fool you; the mornings and evenings have begun getting much cooler. Besides ensuring that your furnace is in proper working order and wearing warmer clothing there are a few other important things that should be done when it comes to safety and comfort within […]

Making your Home Safer

Home is where the heart is, and it’s also where your family resides and all of your valuable posessions are; keeping your home safe and protected should be a top priority. Connecting with a reputable home security company in Ottawa to outfit your home with the latest in security protection is a great step to […]