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Detecting Leaks to Prevent Flooding

Whenever something goes wrong in the home it’s usually at the most inopportune time and it’s also usually just one part of a much bigger issue. The best thing that a homeowner can do is protect themselves and their family by putting in certain security methods in place. When it comes to the effectiveness of […]

Security Systems for Commercial Properties

The importance of security systems has become more prevalent as time progresses; besides being able to keep people protected, they are also able to utilize the greatest advances in technology to provide real time surveillance which can be viewed across smartphone devices, from anywhere. When it comes to safeguarding businesses and commercial properties, the benefits […]

Why Professional Security System Installation is Important

Technology helps to simplify our lives, but sometimes it also can make people believe that they can easily accomplish the most intricate of tasks, because someone made a step by step tutorial video which they can follow and put it online. DIY (do it yourself) projects are plentiful, and it can be challenging and fun […]

Surveillance in the Workplace

The phrase ‘big brother is watching’ seemed like something just relegated to the movies and science fiction lore, however in 2016 moving into 2017 it’s evident that life is definitely imitating art. Technology has been able to help connect people and provide enhanced communication; it also serves as a great way for businesses to improve […]