Benefits of Wearable Security Tech

emergency fall button for senior woman

The peace of mind that a good security system offers is worth its weight in gold; being able to effectively and consistently protect your loved ones and personal possessions that are within your home is important, but being able to protect those close to you at all times wherever they happen to be is even better.

Wearable security technology has evolved a lot over time and is now better than it has ever been. Here are a few examples of some interesting and effective wearable technology:

Safelet is a safety bracelet that combines personal security with GPS location to connect you to your loved ones in an emergency. From the bracelet, you can dial an emergency telephone number. But most impressive is that, with Safelet, when you contact your family and friends for help, they will know exactly where you are. The bracelet connects to your smartphone via a low-powered Blutetooth technology, so it won’t drain your phone battery, so you’ll still have that in an emergency.

Cuff is a brand of smart jewelry that combines style and sophistication with personal safety and security. This San Francisco startup had women in mind when they developed their fashion-forward bracelets and necklaces that double as both elegant accessories and a device that holds a CuffLinc. A CuffLinc is a small, wireless tracker that connects to your smartphone and can send and receive notifications to and from your connected network. Just squeeze the Cuff to send your safety alert. The Cuff products are so stylish that many people wear the pieces as regular jewelry, as you don’t have to attach the CuffLinc when you want to wear the bracelet or necklace by itself, but we recommend that you do.

First Sign Hair Clip
The First Sign Hair Clip is an innovative security device that you don’t need to press or squeeze to activate. The hair clip has embedded sensors that can measure any amount of force applied to the wearer, which is meant to identify signs of physical assault and send out a call for help. Even if certain levels of impact are part of your day-to-day life, this wearable security device can tell when the situation is violent enough to warrant a help alert. You can also connect the hair clip to your smartphone so it can gather audio and visual data as well as identify your location using the GPS.

Make sure to contact an Ottawa home security professional at Security Connection to learn how a wearable safety device can keep you or a loved one safe.