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Security Systems and Crime Investigation

The main function of a security system for the home or business is to empower the owner and protect the property and inhabitants of the particular structure. There’s no way to completely prevent all potential attacks from occurring, but having digital eyes and ears helping to survey around the clock is always beneficial. The advances […]

Mobile Video Verification

As technology continues to expand to different parts of the world and have greater uses for people and industries, it is also able to make things that are a part of our everyday process that much easier. Most people would be lost without their smartphones; having the power of a full computer within the palm […]

Basic Home Safety Checklist

Whether at home or otherwise, the best way to stay safe is through awareness and utilizing the best actions to facilitate optimal security. Knowledge is power, but safety information is only as good as when it is properly and consistently used. When it comes to having a better understanding about anything it’s best to start […]