Security Systems and Crime Investigation

The main function of a security system for the home or business is to empower the owner and protect the property and inhabitants of the particular structure. There’s no way to completely prevent all potential attacks from occurring, but having digital eyes and ears helping to survey around the clock is always beneficial.

The advances in home security technology not only make for safer homes and buildings, they also improve police investigative efforts. “This kind of technology has changed the way police investigate crimes like burglaries. The system records video that homeowners can then play back and show police. That can speed up an investigation. The video quality of these systems can now show a suspect’s face clearly, making it easier for police to catch criminals. The hope is they will help people feel safer. What police used to have to do door to door they can now do on social media. Police posted pictures of the suspect on Facebook and nearly 900 people shared the post.”

Outfitting your home/business with a professionally installed security system is the best way to stay safe, but be able to monitor and be alerted if anything suspicious does happen. Let Security Connection your Ottawa home security professional be your choice!