Basic Home Safety Checklist


Whether at home or otherwise, the best way to stay safe is through awareness and utilizing the best actions to facilitate optimal security. Knowledge is power, but safety information is only as good as when it is properly and consistently used.

When it comes to having a better understanding about anything it’s best to start with the basics. A checklist is a simplified way to identify what’s important and the steps to take in order to achieve a particular goal. To create the safest home environment possible for your family, consider creating a checklist for your home which includes some of the following:

  • Secure curtain and blind cords to the wall or beyond your child’s reach.
  • Keep furniture away from windows that open.
  • Remove or put out of reach sharp, breakable or heavy objects.
  • Install carbon monoxide detectors (testers) on every level of your home.
  • Install smoke detectors on every level of your home, including near sleeping areas.
  • Ensure space heaters are cool-to-the-touch models, have an automatic shut-off, and are kept away from fabrics such as bedding and curtains.

By making your own checklist with things that pertain to your particular home and family, you will be able to make your home safer. Contacting Security Connection, Ottawa’s security experts for the best in home security alarms, surveillance, wireless technology and the like.