Mobile Video Verification


As technology continues to expand to different parts of the world and have greater uses for people and industries, it is also able to make things that are a part of our everyday process that much easier. Most people would be lost without their smartphones; having the power of a full computer within the palm of your hands at all times has been revolutionary.

When it comes to the safety of your home and/or business, smartphones have been an integral part of being able to remotely control certain security functions. They are also able to provide another valuable feature: video verification. “Although video verification is not new to the security market, mobile access to video clips that show before, during and after images is a relatively recent development. Images as well as alarm data are now pushed to the subscriber’s mobile device, allowing them to view video direct from their place of business. The same is true of residential clients who desire a level of security above the rest. In either case, the subscriber is able to advise central station operators as to whether the person onsite is authorized or not, thus enabling central station operators to act with certainty by advising the PD to either dispatch or stand down. The success behind mobile video verification (MVV) involves a savings of time combined with the certainty in validating identity.”

By being able to conduct verification from your mobile allows the freedom to maintain your busy schedule, while also having the peace of mind in knowing that your home/business is safe. For the best in modern and savvy home/business security, contact Security Connection your Ottawa home safety expert.