The Things Intruders Don’t Want Homeowners to Know

The point of having a security system is to keep your loved ones (and your home as a whole) as safe and protected as possible. However, this can only be properly achieved if the system is properly (and professionally installed and maintained) used. Having a system stand on it’s own isn’t enough to ward off potential intruders.

There are common things that people do (whether intentionally or not) that can make them more susceptible to potential security breaches, some of which are as follows:

Your Alarm Only Works When It’s Set

Alarms only work when they’re set. Everyone knows this, but homeowners don’t always set their security system. In a survey conducted by Nationwide, 30 percent of homeowners admitted to leaving their security system off while they ran “a quick errand.” This is especially disconcerting, considering that the U.S. Department of Justice’s data shows that most burglaries occur during the day when no one is home.

Alarms Make Intruders Hesitate, Even If Just for a Second

A home security system will not physically prevent an intruder from breaking into your home. That’s what locks are for. An unexpected alarm, however, will make an intruder hesitate momentarily. Even if the noise only delays them a moment, the slight pause could be significant. According to Yahoo Homes, intruders aim to spend less than 60 seconds breaking into homes. A three-second pause could eat up 5 percent of the time they plan on using to find a way in. Although it’s very short, this could be enough time to make them retreat.”

If you’re going to spend the money and time to invest in a security system, make sure you’re using it! At Security Connection your Ottawa security professional is we’ll help you find the right system to meet your needs and budget, and will take the time to walk you through how to use it effectively.