The Evolution of Security

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Much like technology as a whole or even human kind for that matter, evolution is inevitable. In order to meet the needs of survival or adequately completing specific tasks in the most effective and efficient way possible, evolution is necessary.
When it comes to security technology the idea of evolution applies as well. Here are some of the ways that security technology has evolved over time making our lives safer and more secure:

Video surveillance
Video surveillance has been around for quite some time now, but it has improved drastically since its inception. Video surveillance is now sophisticated enough to incorporate facial recognition (see #8 on this list), and higher quality cameras are creating footage that is sharper than ever. “HD is now standard, and getting above HD is now becoming mainstream,” says Jay Hauhn, CTO and vice president of industry relations for Tyco Integrated Security. “Megapixel cameras on the video security side give you great picture.” But with that comes the major challenge of streaming such high-quality footage over the network. “Bandwidth is not your friend when you’re dealing with video,” says Hauhn. “So we’re also taking advantage of the tech breakthroughs in the consumer world and using them to push more video down the pipe.”

Perimeter security systems
No longer do we need to rely solely on walls or fences for guarding a facility’s perimeter, thanks to the advances in perimeter monitoring systems. Some systems now use microwaves or radio waves to establish a perimeter and can alert security teams when the protected area is being encroached upon. “So you can see who’s outside the area and be alerted beforehand,” says Nickerson. “It’s a huge advancement for the early warning side of things.”

Security linked to mobile devices
It’s not uncommon these days to have security systems especially home security systems linked to a mobile device. Smart sensors, wireless deadbolts, and remote control security/utility systems can all be controlled be a user’s mobile device.’

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