Staying As Safe As Possible

Making a structure more secure is beneficial for many reasons: warding off intruders and protecting valuables, creating and maintaining a comfortable environment for those living/working within said space and having more peace of mind when you happen to be away from the secured space are just a few of them.

The effectiveness of home security has never really been something that people question, but they should as not all products, systems and service are created equal. Choosing the right system is important, but it’s also imperative to master safety basics as well. Here are some things that you should always remember to do in order to optimize safety.

Don’t advertise yourself to burglars

It’s important to make your home seem an unappealing proposition. That means keeping ‘desirable’ items, like car keys, out of sight from windows, which includes all that fancy home tech. The preference for most burglars are quiet, darkened areas where they’re least likely to be discovered. That’s because most burglars are calculating and risk averse. Installing outside lights triggered by movement can put burglars off prowling around your garden space and will quickly alert you to intruders.

There’s strength in numbers

For every 100 crimes, more than a quarter were prevented by Neighbourhood Watch schemes in the UK, Canada and the US. Indeed, robbers have admitted that they avoid targeting areas where watchful residents might intervene. Community schemes, whether formal or informal, work by deterring offenders through increasing their awareness of a great propensity of residents to look for and report suspicious activity, and facilitates detection of crime via an increased flow of intelligence between the public and police.”

Staying safe takes the care and attention from the user who has the system in place in their home/business and the service provider they are aligned with. At Security Connection your Ottawa home security professional, we make sure that all of our clients are not only using an effective system but that they are connected to the proper surveillance channels to provide them with up to the minute alerts.