Potential Threats to Home Security


Keeping your home safe is important in order to protect the ones you love and the items you hold dear. Part of this entails outfitting your home with the latest in home security technology offered by your local Ottawa home security professional. The other part is being aware of the things in the home that may be unsafe and working toward making them (and the home environment as a whole) safer.

Here are some things in the home that you may want to pay close attention to, in order to stay as safe as possible:

Window blinds

Hundreds of children have strangled to death after getting tangled up in cords or chains on window blinds. Window coverings sold before 2001 pose the most danger.

Solution: Secure the cords of older window coverings so children can’t reach them or replace them with safer, cordless blinds. Move cribs, beds, and other furniture away from windows. Use only cordless window coverings in children’s sleep and play areas.

Home trampolines

Backyard trampolines send tens of thousands of people younger than 20 to doctors and emergency rooms each year. Injuries range from sprains, broken bones, and cuts—to neck and spinal cord injuries, paralysis, and even death.

Solution: Avoid use of home trampolines. In gym classes or competitive sports, use a trampoline only with strict adult guidance and supervision.

Unstable furniture

Each year, thousands of young kids are badly injured—and some die—when large TVs and heavy furniture tip over on them. Often, the victims were climbing it, or pulling themselves up on it, or falling against unstable furniture.

Solution: Double-check the stability of large furniture. Anchor stoves, bookcases, shelves, or bureaus to the wall. Get rid of items that may tempt kids to climb.”

In conjunction with a security system courtesy of Security Connection, your home will become a safe haven (especially for your children).