The Key to Balanced Security



Properly protecting something usually takes a multi-tiered approach. When it comes to your home or business, it’s no different. Having a home security system expertly installed by an Ottawa home security professional is a wonderful option, as long as it is reinforcing the primary line of defence..your door locks.

A door is only as strong as it’s lock. Two of the best options in this area include the traditional deadbolt lock and a deadbolt made for the technologically connected in mind.

Traditional: “Even the strongest reinforced steel door can be neutralized by one swift kick if your lock does not extend deep enough into the doorframe. When choosing a deadbolt, go with a brand name and don’t choose the cheapest model. (Note: I’m not saying you need a $150 deadbolt, just don’t choose the $5 model from the local dollar store.).”

Advanced: “Keyless locks are great for tech-savvy homeowners, says Marianna Perry, a former director of the National Crime Prevention Institute. But the latest isn’t the greatest for someone who struggles to keep up with each “smart” gizmo that comes down the pike. If you still can’t program your DVR keyless locks probably aren’t for you. The lock needs to fit the user, Perry says.”

Both options provide great security, but need to be thoroughly researched and understood in order to take full advantage of their capabilities and effectively compliment your home security system.