Keeping Your Business Protected

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When it comes to keeping your home properly protected and safe, nothing offers the necessary peace of mind the way a professionally installed and maintained security system does. If you are an entrepreneur /small business owner or manager with a physical storefront and/or office, wouldn’t you want to have that same peace of mind regarding the safety of your staff, important items/documents and the integrity of the location itself?

Here are some great tips to consider in order to help keep your business as safe as possible.

Employee access

If your small business has a number of employees, only give trusted, long term employees keys to the building. Consider spending a little more to invest in a lock mechanism where all copies of the keys must be authorized by you and locksmiths won’t make copies without authorization. And if anyone loses a key to your building, spend the money to have the locks rekeyed. If an employee is terminated, take proper precautions to protect your business. Each employee should have a unique password for the alarm panel and computer access, so you can easily delete their codes when needed. Otherwise, a disgruntled ex-employee could become security risk.

Safe safety

If you have any confidential client information or valuable assets you must keep in your office, you’ll need a good safe. Keep in mind that if you don’t follow some common sense rules, even a safe can be easily broken into. Here are some basic tips:

  • Find a good spot for your safe, keeping it out of sight. Place it so that it isn’t visible from any window or areas accessible to clients.
  • Don’t put your safe against a wall shared with another business or the outside. If that wall is smashed, the safe can be pulled out from the other side.
  • Use random numbers for the combination, ones that aren’t linked to dates associated with your business or life. And never write the number down. Memorize it.
  • Invest in a heavy safe with thick walls. And if possible, bolt it to the floor.
  • Limit the number of people who can access your safe to the bare minimum. Ideally, you would be the only one with the combination.

Back up important files and documents

All your important information needs to be backed up. If your computer has a meltdown, or any other emergency occurs, and you don’t have your files backed up, it can be disastrous, particularly for a business.The most secure method for backing up your files is to use an external drive in addition to a cloud system, so that all bases are covered. It also doesn’t hurt to put important files on a thumb drive or an alternate computer.”

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