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Over the past decade social media has rapidly become a part of many people’s every day lives. It’s instant ability aid in connecting with others for professional or personal purposes has truly revolutionized communications, however that doesn’t mean that it isn’t without its issues.

Over-sharing, the idea of providing too much information online via social media has become a problem that carries with it some potentially harmful security issues. “Photos and updates shared publicly over Twitter or Facebook, featuring the interior of a home or a big-ticket purchase, could give potential burglars an idea of what’s worth stealing. Steve Koloberic (Safety Expert) tells the Alberta Morning News, you also need to be careful letting people know where you are, online. ‘You’re basically opening yourself up and telling people ‘hey, look at me, I’m not in the country,’ says Koloberic. ‘And trust me, there are individuals that sit there and scour social media for opportunities like this, and they take advantage of it, and the next thing you know, your house has been broken into.’”

Using social media the right way can be very effective but it’s important to make sure to never leave yourself, your loved ones or your place of residence/business vulnerable to a potential attack. Don’t make social posts that are personal and relate to the fact that your house/business is empty because of a vacation open to the public; opt to only share those particular posts with close friends/family. To ensure that your home/business is always protected whether you’re there or not, contact Security Connection, Ottawa’s connected security experts.