Growth of Intrusion Technology

The interesting thing about time is that it’s limited and always moving forward. Technology will only continue to improve and become more streamlined as time goes on, and the idea of integrating technologies together to create something much greater will only continue to occur as well.

When it comes to home/business security the idea of integrating current security methods and devices with an intrusion control panel is a great way to optimize safety. “As intrusion technology continues to advance, detection of security threats is improving as a result of integrating other technologies with the security control panel. Intrusion control panels can accept alarms or events from various devices — motion detectors, surveillance cameras, access readers and more — and use those alarms to trigger actions that focus the attention of security personnel or the central monitoring station operator.

Combining these integration capabilities with the latest improvements in detection technology enables powerful security solutions.”

Innovation in motion detection software/devices and integrating video to verify specific alarms are just a few of the ways in which an intrusion control panel can be optimized in order to create the most secure system possible. At Security Connection your Ottawa security professional, we take the time to work closely with you in order to build the perfect security strategy that meets your safety needs and budget.